The thing is, though, some people do bad things. And some people let them.

June 16th
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  6. volleyballitslifekgr answered: I agree…
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    Lol what an amazing gif
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  11. cassialenoir answered: That’s like comparing a serial killer with someone who performed euthanasia on somebody brain dead.
  12. cluck-fucker answered: Some of the women and girls getting abortions aren’t fit to be mothers unfortunately…
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    Abortion is NOT genocide: genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in...
  14. businessbot answered: I don’t have a vagina therefore I don’t concern myself with it ok bye
  15. josephine-q answered: The Holocaust was the systematic murder of people for their race or religion. Abortion is not targeted towards anyone, nor is it murder.
  16. 7knives-16daggers answered: Goddammit, the Holocaust is not something to be appropriated for political points. Nothing but the Holocaust will ever be the Holocaust.
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  19. amiserit answered: I agree that abortion cannot even be compared to the holocaust, yes abortion is a bad thing to do and all but abortion is N
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    This is pretty stupid. It’s a fetus, not a child. Come on. And yeah, they really aren’t related at all. Why don’t you...
  22. imsureiforgotsomething answered: Because being ignorant and dumb is easier than being informed. Thinking is hard work and most people choose not to do it.
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    I don’t want to believe people are actually making this argument. I am done.
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  28. smittenlotus answered: Anyone who does is a fucking idiot, pure and simple. When it comes to intelligence, they are pro-death.
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    Congratulations, you stupid bitch, you’ve revealed a whole new dimension of stupidity previously unknown to science. Now...
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  32. phobic-eevee answered: No where near the same. Two tottally different things. No good reason the holocauset happen abortion sometiems actually has a good reason